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2 months ago

Banyan Finance, LLC Expands National Market Presence of its Banyan Casualty Medical Plan in 3 New Markets


Finance, LLC today announced that it is expanding its

national sales and marketing efforts for its popular Banyan Casualty

Medical Plan, focusing on three new markets. Banyan Finance is the

leader in the fast-growing Casualty Medical Plan segment, which offers

physicians and other medical services providers, including MRI

facilities, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers, an alternative

reimbursement source to traditional health insurance for uninsured

accident victims.

Ross E. Elgart, Banyan Finance's CEO, said, "Medical services providers

accepting Casualty Medical Plans are able to treat accident victims who

lack traditional insurance coverage while eliminating the risk of lost

reimbursements and significantly reducing the risk of lower

reimbursements due to the uncertainty and length of personal injury

litigation. This is critically important to the practice economics of

many providers, who find themselves in a state of constant

unpredictability with regard to reimbursement rates from

government-sponsored health plans at the same time that the Affordable

Care Act is creating considerable uncertainty in the medical services

community as a whole."

Elgart noted that:

Unlike traditional insurance, companies in the Casualty Medical Plan

industry do not charge the patients a cash premium.

Unlike traditional factoring companies, Casualty Medical Plan

companies share in the ultimate reimbursement received with the

contracted medical services providers.

Because of its diversified capital sources and deep industry

experience, Banyan Finance is typically able to guarantee minimum

reimbursements to Banyan Casualty Medical Plan participants in excess

of traditional insurance reimbursements.

Banyan Finance is currently operating in 38 states. Its new expansion

markets are: El Paso and Northwest Texas; Oklahoma City-Tulsa in

Oklahoma; and Shreveport-Ruston and Northern Louisiana.

About Banyan Finance, LLC

Founded in 2007, Banyan Finance is the leading resource in the Casualty

Medical Plan segment for physicians and other medical service providers.

As an issuer of Casualty Medical Plans for the medical industry, Banyan

Finance has paved the way for tens of thousands of uninsured accident

victims to receive necessary medical treatment and simultaneously

deliver the highest level of service and guaranteed minimum

reimbursement to caregivers.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Banyan Finance currently operates in 38

states and employs its diversified capital sources to ensure unrivaled

funding capacity for reimbursements under Casualty Medical Plans. All

of Banyan Finance's employees are HIPAA certified.

For more information about Banyan Finance's services, please go to

7 months ago

Ronn Moss Star.

Corsets are making a revival as fetish wear and also couture fashion, yet more importantly as a comfortable back support choice. Udvartana is one such healthy weight loss strategy, incorporated with weight problems massage therapies, where a herbal paste is rubbed throughout the physical body. Fruits as well as veggies: Boost the amount of fruits, veggies and whole grain foods in your diet plan. Rather consist of flavors like completely dry ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and so on, in your diet plan, as they are good for losing weight. A bunch of clinical centers often refer overweight clients to a local Weight Watchers area.

1 year ago

Lightning Like God Is Coming By Jason Witt.

If your life has actually been anything like my own the last few weeks, you are experiencing a significant change and cleansing that might have been a mix of thrilling, perplexing, troubling, and also sweetly acquainted. See to it the charge is something you actually don't intend to do - maybe telling your partner just how much you weight or giving away something of worth. Nevertheless, as you put on weight these fat cells start filling up and growing in dimension, once they reach their maximum dimension they split right into 2 cells. Being healthy and balanced - In between getting your weight to where is should be and

1 year ago

The Real Truth Exposed

Each of us at some time has stood in front of the mirror or have actually been trying on garments in a dressing living room and also muttered under our breath, I have to reduce weight However the inspiration we feel in the warmth of the moment swiftly dissipates when we have a desire for a milkshake or smoothie on a warm day or we desire a burger at the neighborhood BBQ. But Boo to all such fraudsters, as Venus Aspect has actually acquired the trust as well as love of everyones who are not simply utilizing it but sharing their testimonials across the web. Venus Factor has the accredited license by a Clinical proving ground where it was sent to have an inspection of the techniques mentioned i

1 year ago

Weight Loss Idea For New Moms.

A fast fact concerning Disturbance Training is that it can be done by anybody anywhere and anytime with or without devices since there are hundredths exercise in Turbulence Training. Out of numerous fat burning supplements, Bioslim is considered to be amongst many all-natural weight management programs. An all natural weight management set up differs in numerous ways from contemporary way to get eliminate excess weight. The active ingredients made use of in Bioslim take some time to treat the fatty tissues and also thus,

1 year ago

How you can Tell The Various Between Belgian Seashells.

Disturbance Training is probably one of the most preferred diet plan and also physical fitness set up around the world today. Our demand for self expression, journey, and also freedom currently comes to be an inspiring consider just how we travel our paths. Hold yourself in check, nonetheless, and also sit with the understanding enough time to allow it be the essence of who you are, as well as not the inspiring aspect and also support for a new link. A multitude of consumers have provided extremely high scores as well as favorable reviews for this mobile phone booster.

If the individual taking them feels they can still abuse their body without consequence, all the perks of environmen

1 year ago

Personalized Health Mentoring Assists Reverse Development To Diabetes

A pharmacy network is a team of drug stores that have contracted with a health insurance or pharmacy perk supervisor to offer covered products and services to members. However, I truly think your health and wellness will certainly be best offered in searching for a medical professional you like ... as opposed to simply one who will certainly recommend this or that. I currently took them house from the drug store without considering them, (my bad but this has actually never happened before).

Colonic watering, additionally called colonic hydrotherapy, is a technique utilized in med-spas and different university hospital to detox the physical body and also treat conditions, such as chronic fatigue and also constipation.

Blue Guard Complementary as well as Different Health and wellness says that the Graphites remedy is additionally utilized for edema when the reason for the edema is nonmedical as well as minor in nature, such as excessive dietary salt and premenstrual anxiety.

Due to the fact that the demands of pets, as well as the regulations on veterinary medicine, are usually really different from those related to individuals, vet pharmacy is typically kept separate from regular drug stores.

On the seventh day of my family medication clerkship, the woman in red aided show me those driving lessons. Some students could have been greatly involved in clinical medication by volunteering in a free facility while others have nearly no professional experience. The 30-credit Master of Science in Veterinary Medical Sciences with a Concentration in Shelter Medication is the initial of its kind to be provided online.

As insurance coverage expenses rise and less doctors are offered to treat individuals, many individuals are taking it upon themselves to conserve money and also look after their own health care requirements using all-natural supplements.

The interval since the 2000 typical almost precisely accompanied the era of research funding by the NIH National Center for Complementary as well as Alternative Medication following its production in 1998.

Government companies and also divisions with domain names that affect health, such as the Departments of Agriculture, Wellness and also Human Solutions, Epa, Transportation, Education, Defense, and also the Centers for Medicare and also Medicaid Services (CMS), etc, must be coordinated to develop a society of wellness and health.

The essence of Daoist sexuality is the idea that the sexual act is an exchange of Yin and Yang essences, from the female as well as man respectively, which is valuable to each companion: it represents the unified interaction and also mutual sustenance of Yin as well as Yang.

1 year ago

The Republic Of Arts & Health and wellness

Faced with ever-increasing clinical prices, choosing the best health insurance plan for you and also your family needs educated decision-making on your part. The change from the industrial to the details age of healthcare is well in progress, show by the enhancing role of information and technology - the mathematical age of medication where the medical professional's mind includes vital expertise also as computers save vastly more details compared to any type of medical professional could certainly hold.

Don't claim you had a 3.0 if you graduated with a 2.5 level standard. If you have a GED, state so, however don't claim that you graduated high school; it's not the exact same. The over the counter medication constricts blood vessels in some people, in not only the area of the swollen pile, yet in various other places in the body. The spunk-laced biscuits will set you back the L.a Unified Institution Area a monstrous $139 million in class-action molestation says.

Pharmacists play an important part in the health and wellness labor force in supplying accessibility to medicines, optimising use of medicines and also making certain quality of medications and do so with a style of roles including services connecting to: primary health care, medications administration, area pharmacy, healthcare facility pharmacy, boundary patrol. as well as new roles in suggesting.

The medical insurance as well as life insurance policy companies that urged their insurees to seek natural care proved to the business world that homeopathy could conserve much money for individuals and companies.

More notably, obtaining healthcare from unlicensed folks is dangerous and also can result in additional injury, disease or even fatality. Work November, I filed a grievance versus Brian Clement for the unlicensed technique of medicine with the DOH.

The board of drug store says drug audits in 2012 and also 2014 found an employee stole more than 50,000 tablet computers of controlled compounds, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone. A source near the situation tells NBC 12, staff members were told the pharmacy must just be shut down four to 6 weeks. That could possibly place it at a disadvantage to CVS Health (CVS.N), the No. 2 pharmacy benefit supervisor which also owns among the country's largest drug store chains. At the same time, Envision RX, a small drug store perk supervisor, lately announced plans to be acquired by national drug store chain Rite Help (RAD.N).

The Unlicensed Activity (ULA) program protects Florida individuals as well as visitors from the dangerous and possibly severe effects of getting medical as well as health care services from an unlicensed individual.

Methodically, with short term success but with an eye on a clear glide path to the future vision of a knowing health and wellness hvac system-- one where information, shown appropriate permission, could notify continual enhancement in healthcare and also wellness in actual time.

1 year ago

How you can Make A Driftwood Jewelry Pendant

A wedding event is an event where a woman and also a man come together to exchange wedding celebration pledges. We are renewing our swears after a year apart as well as he is in a task where a ring is not the most effective selection as well as my hands swell so I could put on rings in winter season yet not summer. I recently acquired a wedding celebration ring tattoo for my spouse for valentines day as a present. I considered getting a wedding celebration ring tattoo, yet these photos and also much more on google search have actually entirely transformed me off. After all, its only (relatively) current that hubbies are now expected to use a wedding ring. This youthful bride-to-be made herself look HALF A CENTURY older on her wedding by doing her make-up various.

Along the way somebody determined using Berkley Fireline for making jewelry is wonderful, due to the feature of incredible strength. This is actually very awesome considering that it will maintain you from acquiring bored with your Precious jewelry Making tasks. Hope you have great deals of enjoyable and discover some brand-new tricks with making jewelry along your means. Just intended to let you know I have actually been employed to write as the LA Precious jewelry and also Card Making Examiner as well as they asked me to produce a listing of web link resources.

This avoids the demand for acquiring an over-sized band to gain knuckle allowance as well as can be a vital efficiency and safety feature in many careers or sporting activities-- locations where all fashion jewelry need to be gotten rid! of before activity.

Economics lecturers from Emory College checked 3,000 U.S. grownups who had actually been wed at some time in their lives and also found that individuals that spent large amounts of cash on engagement rings and/or their wedding celebrations were more likely to end up separated.

On the other hand, some rules advisors keep in mind that when a couple will have an extremely little, informal, wedding; it can be suitable to have an engagement party that offers a method for the couple and their loved ones to have an engagement celebration that will be the only large celebration.